yesterday I set up a little white background photoshoot, wasn’t a bit professional but it did he job! And actually looked okay! I took a number of people of my design, flat and folded. After taking some pictures, I then took a 5 second time lapse video. It looked really nice! I will tidy up my images of photoshop, and put them into a digital and printed portfolio ready for my presentation on Friday. I am mid prep for Friday’s crit/presentation. I am quite happy with my DPS, I have played around and experiment with, layout, colour and fonts and I think I am happy with my final outcome.  I have uploaded my  time lapse into Vimeo, this is so I could upload it onto WordPress. I’ll post it when it finishers transcoding on Vimeo 


10 words

I struggled a lot with this project, if it wasn’t everyone tellin me to think laterally it was people telling me to follow the brief (but in a lateral way) it was very annoying and challenging, guess that’s good in a way. After having a complete and utter melt down during the first week, I had a little sit down with Shirley and it completely cleared my head and give me lots of inspiration and ideas. I wanted to play around with perception, make things look different in multiply ways. My word was wander so I could experiment an awful lot. I done the literal meaning of wander and wanded around liverpool, in parts I don’t usual visit, which was nice and insightful. I took lots of pictures. I have not used any of these images in my final design but I was happy I went out and it all does go towards my research. Since it could be linked to liverpool, I started to research wander in a different light. What does wander mean to people? Why do people’s mind wander. I found out that wandering minds link to people that are lost in their problems, it can be linked to a lot of things including depression and people being disconnected from life. It does not make sense when you first look at my page but once you read my definition and follow the link it makes sense. At the minute everyone is putting the pages together and we are printing the paper in different qualities of thickness and glossiness. It’s nice to see how my DPS looks on different types of paper. I havnt took portfolio pictures just yet but here is design. At different angles.  


Thinking about thinking types 

Today we got some feedback from our work from first semester being reviewed and marked by UCLAN. 

We have come to terms (well I take things to heart, so I kind of havnt. But I’m trying) that we could have tried harder with our designs. So our tasks was to go to the loa art and find 5 examples of magazines and artles and look at the layout and placement of certain articles. I think it was definitely come in hardy and made me realise I should have done more research into actually looking at different mags. We then layed our portfolios with our final thinking types pieces and our new examples of magazine articles. We then discussed our new found inspiration and discuss how it will or would help us in the future. 

Channel 4

I have sent my online portfolio to Channel 4 to see if they can give me any feedback on my final designs. It would be really nice for them to just respond with anything and look over my work.
This involves my luggage brief, as I used Channel 4 Dispatches as my advertisement. It links to that channel purely because Dispatches also does a lot of documentaries on personalities and dark subjects. For example it could be on Pensions, that people aren’t getting what they put it, or he banking system, anything that should be known to the general public. The issues are usually dark, deep or twisted. So it fits perfectly with my personality as she was forgotten and ignored by the public so this will be a documentary to shine light on her success as a woman and scientist.
Here is my online portfolio, which I have uploaded onto Behance.

Here are my print screens that I sent in to channel 4.
Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 09.28.36

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 09.28.46

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 09.32.51

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 09.29.25

Second photoshoot

Since my first photoshoot, I found faults with my current photos which then led on to further inspiration and ideas into what I can do for my second shoot. I realised that I needed to corporate something on the suitcase that really links to my chosen person without it being obvious, So I decided I would make my own stickers to go on the suitcase. I already was looking into this idea before my first shoot.
I found out from Jennie in my class how to use a process that puts images and colours onto sticky tape. Its one of the most easiest and surprisingly brilliant things I have ever seen.
First I created my designs on photoshop and illustrator. Ahh my two trusty programs. Then I used the print press machine and played around with some of Andys blocks of type. This looked really nice and raw so I then scanned it on the photocopier and live traced the text on illustrator and created them as outlines. It worked really well and I used photoshop to just play them onto my two sticker idea designs.
One that was done I experimented with colours, layouts, and themes. I really wanted to have a broad range to choose from.
One I had let people in my class and my tutors pick their favourite I put a number on to thick sellotape, one stuck on completely, I then put thee tape under a running rap and rubbed away at the paper stuck onto the tape until it had all gone and when you turn it over you see the colour has perfectly transferred. Its such a good process that I will be definitely using and taking further in the future.DSC_0047

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 22.15.10

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 22.14.51

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 22.15.17

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 22.15.00
I think the stickers looked really nice on the suitcase. I am pleased, next time however it would of been nice to have more stickers of the places Rosalind has been.
I have also started looking at channel 4 dispatches and using this as my backbone for presenting my image. I think it would suit that dark type of subject as it’s a big topic and it is mysterious. So dispatches looks at topics and situations that can be seen as sinister. I went onto the channel 4 website and went through its branding guidelines which were very helpful and made it very easy for me to create something that could actually be used by Channel 4, however I couldn’t find the actual font that channel 4 users which is C4. I did manage to find something similar but as it’s not the exact same I was kind of disappointed.
I then put it in a number of mediums and created a few different kind of adverts to link with different mediums for example the TV advert would be different than the opening title for the program. I played around with colours and tried to use the official branding guidelines when creating my printouts

portfolio page

final!!!!! for portfolio

Photoshoot | Luggage

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Last tuesday was my first photoshoot for my luggage brief. I had already prepared and got my objects and case ready and started to prep with jennie with the lighting and the background.

My first thought was to have an all clear plain white background, I took a number of photos with different angles and lighting. I also used another type of lighting called the red head. Since its a professional environment, we had to be shown around briefly by Hayley. She’s one of the colleges technicians. I think it went extremely well. I was more than happy with my outcomes especially with this background. However, since my time period was the 1940/50s, the white background seem too clear, too clean. It had to age or emotion. It suited in a scientific sense which does link to my chosen person, Rosalind Franklin. I then moved my suitcase over to another environment which was a cream coloured cotton material covered in dirt and coal. It seemed more efficient and actually looked great. I had a concept that I started to unravel into my photos, which was having a figure in the photos, a shadow. I was so excited and used Jennie as my girl/prop. I experimented with different colours and lights while doing this. The normal soft light different create a strong outlined shadow which is what I wanted. It needed to be clear of a woman. A silhouette of such. I played around which my Nikon 3D200 and my phone camera. I done this so I could then experiment with certain apps including Instagram. just to play around with the filters and darkness.

The red head light worked perfectly for the strong shadow I’m looking for. The concept behind my ideas is that Franklin was the forgotten female scientist. She contributed so much to science that has helped shape our society in such a way that for her to be ignored, just because she is of the wrong sex is soul destroying. I think using her in the photos is a step forward is her being acknowledge. I will start to experiment with these photos and plan out more ideas for my next shoot.