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Do Our Brains Find Certain Shapes More Attractive Than Others? via @SmithsonianMag

Maybe keeping shapes raw to the bone, likes bubbles and water droplets. This pattern trend spotter thinks the upcoming trends will be florals, basic shapes and, as always leopard. Leopard has been a front runner for a few bloody years now.

I took some print screens just to give you a little peak. I also looked at KathKidson just to see what she is doing for this fall, its basically her usually style, lots of florals, colours, however she has a few line patterns which have popped up which are lovely.

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 15.36.54 Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 15.36.46 Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 15.36.22 Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 15.34.55 Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 15.32.19 Houndstooth is one of the next trends for next year according to with ‘

Not limited to the monochrome palette, houndstooth has been translated in 2015 to fresh, colourful presentations assisting the transition from spring/summer to autumn/winter nicely; paired with glossy leathers and formed into bold shapes. The print seems to be most favourably used in tandem with structurally clean lines – boxy jackets, oversized swing jackets, A-line skirts and dresses all echo the classicism attached to the reputation of the design.’

Yes this is coshes but fashion design falls into place with colours and patterns styles. Everything links. This give lots of use fall trend styles expected for next year. It fits perfectly for what Im looking for and may use this for line and pattern style.

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 15.44.51 Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 15.44.45

Trend analysis for A/W 17/18

I have been looking at colour pallets and themes that are going to be big in that current trend next year that does fit alongside my Croft brand. By doing this I am sort of taking steps into having the right type of style and colours that fit the current trend. I have been looking at a number of people who predict the analysis, this being their job Im hopping they get it right but taking the right precautions I will be researching a number of people and companies, tis can include magazines too. I found this on pinterest which led me to a blogging site by a woman called Madeline who is a style blogger. She seems to really know her stuff. she has a few boards on pinterest which I found easier to read, rather than her talking about next years trends.

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 11.05.16

It does seem to fit in with the style of croft which is a damn relief!!

What do people like to see

For this ‘Text in the City’ brief I am trying to stick to the brand standard guideline of Croft. which is a sub brand apart of John Lewis’ They use very mininal and timeless designs, neutral in the pallet and tactile materials so I want to follow in the same foot step to not upset the brand familiar look, they do mix up different eras to create a relaxed look.

So what do people like to see, or feel, what makes a home feel like a home. Thats sort of the look I am going for. Since I am aiming my target audience at generation M. They aren’t an old group at all it ranges from people born between 1982 and 2000. So what are that age group doing? Well heres a short list from my point of view from being in this generation is moving either with university or getting a new job which could mean affording your own house or flat. increasing in ‘adult’ privileges. Without sounding stereotypical because there will be generation M living at home with there parents who aren’t in uni or looking for a new living arrangement but at a whole is a busy time for this lot, who are digital natives. Now lets say this is the case (most of the time) how do this lot shop for items or products, what do they look for. Its something thats adorable, trendy, yet will have a long lasting effect on their home that can be timeless.

So what is seen as cost worthy, but still pricey, but has a really good customer consumer rate… John lewis, so lets make a brand that is more suited to our younger generation. Lets aim it using social media and like I have discussed before omnichannel platforms. lets get there attention and let people know that this is a brand that wants to gain loyalty and credit and does want to build a more full target audience.

I want to look into patterns especially with lines to suit my theme throughout the video and the actually logo. I have also found this article which I found quite useful. I am now going to look at the golden ratio, and patterns I can create using it, or use the actual golden ratio as a illustration.

Why some shapes are more pleasing to the eye than others

I will play around with shapes and also look at the upcoming trends next year to see if I can do anything that will fit along side what is current. I will look at symmetry, pattern and lines as this is very effective tool to attract peoples attention.


Just lovely

I think Faye from my uni class has posted this video onto their blog and I completely agree with everything she has said, such an inspiring talk. This I think will definitely be helpful and links to my dissertation and my text in the city project. He is apart of an online community to help people step get out of their comfort zone, by doing this it tackles their fears and helps them to build their confidents. The group is named ‘Comfort Zone Crusher’. By doing things differently everyday you can improve you can change your routine, mix things up! He talks about social stigmas which is something I am already looking at for my dissertation. I think people are self critical and should be more socially critical. Stigmas can have a lasting effect on genres and groups and getting passed these can change how you see things, do things, and who you spend your life with.


How to find work you

Such a good listen on the morning commute to uni. Everything he talks about makes perfect sense, surrounding yourself around amazing people changes you artiste and outlook on life, it inspires you to do be brilliant. You may not be creating a business but with that chosen environment and people you can make a movement.

Ted talks

How to apply inspiring things to my life?  

For this brief ‘text in the city’ I have been listening to Tedtalks and it’s brilliant. I have took Shirley’s advice and been listening to the talks in the morning, on the train, on the bus, the 8 minute walk to uni from the train station. It’s quite addictive now. Listening to passionate people makes you passionate, it makes me realise environment matters, the people I hang around with matter. Very deep stuff, it’s terrible for side tracking me from this brief. However it did inspire me to write this blog post and now I can’t wait to get to uni and start my work. I’m more self directed in this study. I think I like independent learning, I definitely feel the benefit of learning a new program on my own has pushed limits for me. I feel this year I can accomplish tasks and do more for myself as a third year B.A student. 

I have currently created 13 seconds on my after effects video and I am completely over the moon with what I have accomplished. I have decided to link more research wit my final outcome. Since I started looking at trend analysis I know from my age being in the M generation what works with advertisement and how I view big companies and brands. I know John Lewis is rich in heritage and has stolen generation X and even older generations hearts. It was generation M I was trying to aim the target at. So how do I do it, omnichannel platforms. Multiply channel directed at this generation using apps and programs such as instagram, twiter, and snapchat. Then everything starts to connect more easily. I am going to use a technique that actually withholds information, this deliberately limits what the consumer knows about the brand and products and sparks excitement, a consumer will want to know more, and they will by watching further adverts and videos. Keeps people on their toes and excited. Millennials are digital natives. They have grew up with social media. I will use that knowledge to widen my chosen brands customer base, aiming at younger generations. 63% of millennial a stay updated on brands through social networks. -iPSOS, OTX, 2013. 

Using this information I will be directing advertising to a presidio generation of my chose. M. I want to bring in a new audience for this brand and by us using these steps, brand analysis, trend analysis, and sales. I think I can promote a positive impact to this brand and bring up sales. How I see it is that everything ties together. Using my generation knowledge to sell to know best? Yes my generation I can use my new skills and build a better selling known brand.

In terms of softwear, After Effect, which I am self taught, I am happy with my development of the program and will further my knowledge in continuing to create my video illustration advertisement. Along with other videos that will tie in with my advert. 

Someone’s sitting on my chest

lately I have deffintly started to feel the anxiety come back, the heavy feeling of weight and pressure isn’t easy to ignore. I think I have come to terms with my stress and anxiety but can laugh it off however it is a major part of my life that follows me home from uni. I feel using this topic for a forefront in my dissertation could actually help me in understanding the mental health of creative minds. It’s not a proven fact but it’s well seen and talked about. I have watched a lot of ted talks lately and they really do make you think and become confused and question reality and your own sanity… Without making me sound crazy. Mental health seems to run along hand in hand with the creative mind and maybe everyone is scared of the fear of failure, not reaching their own personal goals, and not being able to know if the work they love to produce, poems, art, sculptures, writers that it will never be successful or be good enough. I think personally I need to stop being so self critical and more social critical. Self criticism only leads to self destruction and maybe this is the bloody reason so many creatives have took there own lifes. I am quite interested in this so I’m hoping it is a good route to go down for my essay, wish me luck. 

Action Plan

Today and yesterday I started to learn After Effect, I used a lot of online tutorials which was a huge help. I first watched some on youtube of the basics then started to go into detail of the movement, rotation, and direction. Here are just a few of the videos I watched on youtube, , It made me realise how complicated it is to learn but now I have started I am zooming through it. Its much easier than using photoshop, timeframe, and less time consuming. I wanted to use this program as it would help in the final outcome for this project and also to build my knowledge on a application I know nothing about and have never used. Self encouragement and critical thinking and learning I thought went hand in hand with using a new program.
Due to problems today with the uni network, I couldn’t save any print screens to show you what I watched and the steps I used in creating my little video. I have used lines. I originally was going to create a moving image with a dashed line. However I came to certain issues with this method. If I created a solid on After Effect. I could add the Effect called Stroke but there is other similar effects I have used.
I will send a mini clip of the video I currently have. This will make it easier to explain once you can see what I am talking about. I am happy with the progress I made today, I also had a little chat with Shirley which always helps. I think I need to learn that everything I do needs a reason and I should be able to explain everything I have did throughout my whole project. From the research to the final end product. Currently I am happy at the paste I am going.

Problems with illustration

Looking at my chosen area of design which I think best suits me is illustration, digitally and traditionally. However I have found flaws in this practice. I have noticed its very style led, that isn’t a bad thing in other practices and areas of design however a lot of whats going around today is very predictable, lots of cartoons and there not much narrative or deeper meanings coming through.

The generation of visual curators.

I came into uni early today to get some of this ‘text in the city’ brief done. I started to look at Protein a design agency, this then led me to look at Jo Jackson a managing director at that company doing a talk for D&AD called Fashion and Digital Trend Analysis. It was very interesting and extremely helpful. I must of taken a bazzilion notes and quite a few print screens. I have also watched quite a few videos today. many including TedTalks. I wasn’t too sure what I wanted to listen to, however I did want to find inspiration that was completely not linked to what I am doing. For example I watched a video on TedTalks which was about the abandoned over the head rail way system in Manhattan, New York, it was a talk by Robbert Hammond, he started a project to stop it being demolished after he actually went up and was amazed to see wild flower and plants running across all the tracks. It’s basically a park in the sky.He wanted to make the accessible to all members of the public to see the beauty what is literally just above some of the streets of New York. I thought by doing this I could come out with ideas out of the box and different. After all them videos and what not I started to look at my actually chosen type/font which catched my eyes which was the Croft Collection which belongs to the John Lewis family.

I don’t know whether it was the lines of the text or even the surrounding lines which squared the text together that I liked but I had this idea that I could use the lines to incorporate a fresh brand identity or advertisement.  I then had a talk with Shirley which definitely helped as she added a lot more depth into my project and give me more perceptions and perspectives to look at. This included the trend analysis of the company, how me as generation millennials and looking at Generation X which is the previous generation born before 1982. Anyone born between 1982 to 2000 are the millennials generation, I will call it generation M. They have grown up in the digital realm and the next generation will be even more digitally connected. We are the generation of visual curators and we literally consume and produce images.

Millennials are fundamentally different and you could say unique due to their views on advertising and brands. We don’t believe some brands are honestly and rely a lot of peers and family to make a brand credible. But once we find a brand thats credible and likeable we become very loyal, especially when the brand builds loyalty and trust by giving something back to the consumer.

I want to basically tell a digital story using omnichannel and create multiply journeys for the consumer. Generation M are hard to sell too we don’t take notice of the normal printed adverts or TV adverts we want to be connected and apart of the brand, having a brand on multiply platforms will definitely build more of a relationship with generation M.

Now for my idea I want to think outside of the box yet keep the idea fresh, pure, raw and natural. I don’t want it to fight with other brand identities, I want it to be the option that soothes the soul. It sounds daft that Im creating a whole sister brand lets say of croft but Ill use my research and trend analysis on how Ill promote furniture and designs that is future proof and timeless. I have to do this by connecting to every part of my audience including multiply generations. Due to John lewis heritage it has already won the older generation (well compared to me, older) but how do I sell it to generation M, trying to think how do I use my advert or video to bring people into my brand and lifestyle. I will look into immersive narratives, this could put the viewers or users as the director. Or I could create a video that plays and a person can click on a part of the video that they are interested in and it pulls up more information on whatever they have clicked on. It sounds easy but having just a little more information at the hands of the consumer when they want it might be the difference between having a loyal customer and not having one.

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