Roll on winter

havnt really posted much this summer, I always get distracted. I have definitely been more productive and creative this summer than my passed. Which is good. I opened my shop on etsy which isn’t too hot, but I am getting a few follows and favourite. Which is all I could ask for. I emailed arthub365 which is a local artshop on Lark Lane, about there upcoming exhibition to see if I could submit my work and after 2 month they have gotten back to me! Some of my etsy work will be being exhibited there! I will post the details when I found out. I have to drop my frames work in next week! So excited!! Hopefully fingers crossed this kick off more of a freelancing trade which I am aiming for. Happppy

In Liverpool: Arts Hub 47


Lovely designs, featured in a co-op members run Arts shop not too far away from where I live

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A beautiful cold blue day today in Liverpool. Perfect for rambling around, which we did all day, with a special stop at a new arts co-op in Lark Lane, that Sarah’s just joined, Arts Hub 47.

Calling in first to Plot 44 Greenbank Lane, Sarah and Gemma's allotment. Calling in first to Plot 44 Greenbank Lane, Sarah and Gemma’s allotment.

To see if the snowdrops are out yet. To see if the snowdrops are out yet.

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Proactive and productive

This summer I definitely wanted to make the most of my spare time to concentrate on me as a designer and a succcessful of that. And I know nothing happens over night and I wont become the next Paula Scher or Vince Frost but I am doing tiny measures to get myself out there. I have opened my own shop on Etsy called Modernchilli. (Have a little nosey if you want!)
Its nothing major, just selling a few of my designs which is slow but at least im doing something. I have also sent some of my designs to a number of upcoming exhibition, I have had a few emails here and there and nothing is set in stone but fingers crossed. Would be mice to see my work displayed along with other upcoming artist and professionals. I keep you posted on any recent sales and if I get exhibition space! Touch wood.


After all the stress of the upcoming exhibition, I have found my happy place, calligraphy and trying, isn’t half therapeutic, I have ordered most of my things so I’m just waiting for everything to come so I can start setting up!  



Just finished ordering everything I need for the exhibition, this includes perspex clear stands, business card holders, business cards, more business cards, A6 post cards, a little matching note pad with my design on just because vista print is a bummer for making everything look amazing with my designs on and more wall paper. Its so scary but exciting! everything is coming between the 28th of May to the 2nd of June, so fingers crossed nothing is late or ill have a fit. Going to print some of my things off today for the windows and maybe even more work. Its exciting but awfully stressful! Definitely need to take a chill pill.
Heres a sneak peak of just some of the designs on things. Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 13.48.10


I have just this second sent my book off to be published by Blurb. Its taken me a long 5 hours to rearrange pages and organise layouts but its all done. And I got a nice 35% off, thank the lordy. I will now start to finish off my wall papers and carry on with my printing on large scale. Im very happy, and I’m sure everyone else in the class will be, as I have been incredible moody and fell out with Jen twice, she loves me so its all good.
Here is the link to my book!