Photoshoot | Luggage

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Last tuesday was my first photoshoot for my luggage brief. I had already prepared and got my objects and case ready and started to prep with jennie with the lighting and the background.

My first thought was to have an all clear plain white background, I took a number of photos with different angles and lighting. I also used another type of lighting called the red head. Since its a professional environment, we had to be shown around briefly by Hayley. She’s one of the colleges technicians. I think it went extremely well. I was more than happy with my outcomes especially with this background. However, since my time period was the 1940/50s, the white background seem too clear, too clean. It had to age or emotion. It suited in a scientific sense which does link to my chosen person, Rosalind Franklin. I then moved my suitcase over to another environment which was a cream coloured cotton material covered in dirt and coal. It seemed more efficient and actually looked great. I had a concept that I started to unravel into my photos, which was having a figure in the photos, a shadow. I was so excited and used Jennie as my girl/prop. I experimented with different colours and lights while doing this. The normal soft light different create a strong outlined shadow which is what I wanted. It needed to be clear of a woman. A silhouette of such. I played around which my Nikon 3D200 and my phone camera. I done this so I could then experiment with certain apps including Instagram. just to play around with the filters and darkness.

The red head light worked perfectly for the strong shadow I’m looking for. The concept behind my ideas is that Franklin was the forgotten female scientist. She contributed so much to science that has helped shape our society in such a way that for her to be ignored, just because she is of the wrong sex is soul destroying. I think using her in the photos is a step forward is her being acknowledge. I will start to experiment with these photos and plan out more ideas for my next shoot.






It’s that time again

Yes it’s coming up to exhibition time and now is the time we have to literally get all our ideas out on the table and figure out what our show will look like, what it will be themed about and how we are going to represent it? Will things be books or in frames, erm no. Not this year! Going for something a little bit bigger! We started a spider diagram to work things out. I’m super excited, it also can’t be just our week which differs from the show last year, last year we put it work what we had done through year one this one is going to be based around our final project. It has to mean something more than just a normal project which outcomes it has to reflect where we are going as designers and how we will conquer it!





I received this brief last week and it’s really creative and exciting, at first I was not very happy with the names we was given. But after doing a bit of basic research on most of the people I found Rosland Franklin, who was basically the forgotten person who discovered main key features about DNA. However her data was published without her knowing and she got very little credit. It’s very sad as she died quite young and never got the recognition she deserves so this has given me lots of ideas and inspiration for my main photographs and items for her suitcase. I can’t wait to collect everything and get it sorted for the photoshops when I get back to uni after the reading week, how exciting!

Roses portfolio

For my roses portfolio I played around with the layout as I sometime complicate pages with too many pictures or information so I had some feedback from Shirley and made some little changes and adjustments, by moving images and having one image stand alone on a single page, I think it looks a lot more relaxed and professional. Since that was one of the outcomes for the brief I wanted to try and make mine and jennies work look as perfect as possible, obviously there is always room for improvements but I’m happy with my final outcome and portfolio sleeves.


Transmitting Andy Warhol | after dark

On Saturday I went to Andy Warhols exhibition at the Tate in the Docks with Jen and Kim! Well I thought it was brilliant so inspiring, definitely give us so many ideas for our end of year exhibition. It featured other artist and musicians which made it that extra bit special. There was one room in the show that was completely covered in protected videos and images over lapping each other, being in the centre of that room while so much is going on with all different sounds and noises was something else! I took some sneaky shots seem as we was getting followed the whole time, due to no photos, pfft. I also got some bargains as it was the second to last show that was going to be exhibiting the Tate so everything was like half price. Result. I got 19 post cards which are just delightful. Definitely a must and going to jump at the next opportunity to go on a elegant night on the town with the uni girls.







Last week was the deadline for roses, this was a live brief that aims towards the North west region. It was the most strange brief iv ever had it was so brief in words that it was so open and I could really explore my creativity. Rush hour, traffic jams and delayed trains but it is all in people’s minds? How do I change the perception? I have already done some blog posts about my research so I’ll get down to the work, I was paired with Jennie which was quite difficult, I love Jen but our personality a clash on a daily basis so simple tasks become mountains but I think we are learnt how to deal with each other better, which is good. We managed to have our own ideas but merge them together which has given us a strong piece of work (in my eyes anyways) I created some A4 and A5 zines all written and illustrators by me but digitally edited and fixed by Jen, she also created our logo which I put a few finishing touches too. She currently is finishing off our app and cup covers which are looking fab! Here are some pictures I took of all our finished bits and bobs, this all has to be presented professionally as one of the key outcomes in the brief so everything will be photographed and put into our portfolios. Overall I have loved this project. I felt I could explore different routes I don’t usually look at, including illustrations, calligraphy and colour manipulation. I have loved every second!






In today’s session we watched Westworld a film that definitely links to hyperreality
I actually enjoyed the first half of the film it came out in 1973 a decade before terminator (robot like humans ) and the author was Michael Crichton. He also was the author for Jurassic park. This film also links to hyperreality obviously having the dinosaurs and the humans in the film playing a god like figure.
Delus which is the company in the film which offers 3 theme park worlds set in different times and eras, Westworld, Roman world and Medieval world.
The world are full of humans and you don’t know who are the humans or other guest or the robots. As the robots look and feel real, and have all human characteristics.
The operators behind the theme park who control and organise everything, can control the weather, the sun set and the waking of the robots. However some of the robots are starting to get ‘infected’ which has never happened before as why would they? They are robots. But the doctors or technicians of the robots think it could be some sort of virus, now at this point in time things like viruses were never really heard of. Some of the robots are created by other robots which is like 2nd generation robots, so some of the technicians don’t know themselves how the robots completely function.

Uncanny valley
My definition: it’s things that appear human but aren’t quite human so just like robots. It’s sort of like stuff of night mares especially some of the examples I’m finding and like life human robots, the smaller they are the more scary they get child size lifeless body walking around. Creepy.
Three online sources that discuss “uncanny valley”

A video on YouTube of a CB2 which is a child robot with biomimetic body.
People that attraction to things with human characteristics, once we find it with a human like robot we look deeper and when you see it has non human characteristics, no feelings or emotion so this give us a feeling of alienation and fear towards the object.
The fear could also be caused by death, seeing something that has no chance or fear of death just walking among us, it’s quite intimidating.

A sense of realism that causes a sense of negativity.
New films are have also started to use this type of technique, for example polar express and Beowulf, they aren’t just cartoons they look exactly human like and it can be creepy and uneasy for viewers. It’s 3D animation taken to the next level.
Games and other computer devices are starting to follow the uncanny valley trend of using human life qualities in things that aren’t really real.