Liverpool Book Art

Yesterday I went to an exhibition at Liverpool Central library. It was an exhibition of artists’ books and was hidden in the discover room and upstairs! I thought some of the pieces of art work were incredible, so creative and inspiring I was particularly impressed with Minor Elizabeth Drama Vol II created by Elizabeth Willow! However the whole show blew me away! I’m actually quite surprised by how quiet it was! I definitely want to go to the book fair over the weekend!



summer mer

I only finished my first year of uni around two weeks ago and already, I’m bored and suicidal, okay I’m exaggerating with the suicide part. But I completely forgot about my little Bamboo buddy tablet. Recently I have started following a brand and designer called Badwood, it’s a bit awol in certain aspects but the designs are really good and have given me slight inspiration to keep my skills and stuff on the mac up to scratch, don’t want to be rusty when September falls. I have been playing around with photoshop and illustrator. They are not finished but after spending a few hours on the I get bored and start something else. One day ill complete something!
Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 22.25.28

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 22.22.29

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 22.22.35


Today was the big en’, it was our end of year exhibition. And although it has been a bumpy road to what was going up and what wasn’t and peoples attitude towards the importance of the show it come out a complete success! I am over the moon, the final touches just made it something else. Even a quick run to the strand to put up cakes stands and buy napkins even made the whole graphics area just look the part, and our part looked good. So proud of myself and everyone (bar some lazy folks) in my class for the contributions and effort, next year will be amazing! I can’t blooming wait. Have a good summer everyone and see you in fall!

Yeah baby!

This is what amma talking about! Now all I have to do is relax till Tuesday! All my frames and boards are done! And I mean completely finished! I’m a happy bunny. Oh and Jennie’s are too, we are proud parents of our boards!



High light of the week

Well today was very productive! I think the graphics course should just be run by girls, seen as they are the only ones getting things done! But the shelfs are up! Another coat of paint tomorrow an then just got to wait till Tuesday to put everything up! Very exciting!


scary stuff

Since submitting all my work for this year, I feel a sense of freedom but then a little bit of worry, this may sound daft but I like having the pressure of projects and work, I definitely have an anxiety issue that hasn’t been addressed but I seem to control and harvest it very well, even better when I have things to worry about. Now that I have no work to projects to do I have this empty feeling of anxiety which I have no use for, its very strange. I literally cannot wait to start second year of uni and try and do and push myself even more. Trying to keep my creative mind active by reading my handy little book, which by the way is A-MAY-ZING.




Today we was getting ready for the exhibition, I started to experiment with typography over my existing Paris sketches which I put through the scanner to change colours and stuff ect! I was doing this to make extra frames and so on! I loved experimenting! I can’t wait to do this next year!