Penguin cover

So here it is, the finally cover. I am very happyish with it! I did go through a process of about 1 thousand designs which I loved and then hated, but seen as the deadline was coming up fast I did just get down to business! Thank god its over. I am deffinitly thrilled about that!

Presentation for Contextual History Studies

Yesterday was the deadline for the presentation for Paxman’s Contextual History Studies. I was extremely stressed about this, but who isn’t. Everyone through out the class was making last minute tweets running up through dinner, tension was running high! However other than a few hiccups and stutters I thought my presentation went quite well, overall I am very happy!
Here are my completed slides, bear in mind, it’s not very pretty I was not getting judge on its appearance. Thank god!

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Death Is No Bad Friend: Twitter Shout Out Day!

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Thank you so much to all our funders who have donated $5 or more to our Death Is No Bad Friend Indiegogo campaign.

And a very special thanks to executive producer Jim Steel and producer Mimi Zweig!

Today’s the day for personalized funder shout outs on my Twitter account @gegallas with over 10,000 followers! I will be tweeting throughout the day…

Also, please check out our new Death Is No Bad Friend campaign and help us spread the word!! :)

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Praise Jesus

Yes finally did it! I figured out how to compress a PDF file, which is ridiculous, at one point my book cover for penguin was 53MB, what in gods name… Anyho I have finally sent it off, bear in mind the deadline was friday but trouble with the penguin website bought me more time. I feel very pleased and slightly light headed, all these big projects seem to be easing off. Have not been this chilled in a long time. Just need to get Paxman’s presentation done and I can have a well deserved rest.. obviously before starting the FMP. It never ends and I think I kind of love the stress anyway.
Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 18.31.12

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Down town

For today’s plan of action me and the FD group went to town, the docks should I add. Me, Beth, and Jennie spilt from the boys as we have our own project, Prospice21. Which is all
about the docks and the docklands trail! We first went to the Maritime Museum, which was wondering, took lots of ‘piccies’ and had a little tour guide off a woman called Barbra. She was lovely, she talked to us about the slave trade and how the docks link to that. When we was finished with that we went for a bit of nosh, at a place called The smugglers cove. It’s absolutely delightful! Then we went to the creative quarters of Liverpool, it was fantastic, had a cuppa’ coffee there and sat I front of a open fire! Very cosy. All in all, had a brilliant day!



thats it..

What a carve up has completely knocked my self esteem, its just undesignable and I utterly hate it. Jonathan Coe can go and design his own cover! I have decided I am either going to quit uni or just throw something at Andy if he even tries to make me have another ‘go’ at it. Nope it’s not happening.

or maybe i’ll just try again tomorrow, heads burnt out. Yikes.